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Barley Grass Powder
Barley Grass Powder
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Barley grass is one of the green grasses - the only vegetation on the earth that can supply sole nutritional support from birth to old age. Barley has served as a food staple in most cultures. The use of barley for food and medicinal purposes dates to antiquity. Agronomists place this ancient cereal grass as being cultivated as early as 7000 BC. Roman gladiators ate barley for strength and stamina. In the West, it was first known for the barley grain it produces.

Barley grass is sifted made from fresh barley leaves after low temperature drying and ultra-fine grinding. Barley powder’s mesh size is up to 200 mesh, delicate than milk. Barley grass is a natural food, it does not belong to any chemical drugs, without any harmful side effects. It can strengthen the immunity of our normal cells anti-cancer, contribute to constipation and weight loss, auxiliary gastrointestinal motility and detoxification beauty effect. Barley contained vitamin, mineral and protein, which is an essential nutrient for humans and animals. Vegetarians also can avoid vitamin B12 deficiency by supplementing Barley.

1, Product Name:  Barley Grass Powder 

2, Part Used:  Leaf

3, Active ingredientsBarley Grass Powder  (Green Fine Powder)

4, Specification:  200 mesh & 400 mesh

1, Barley Grass is a powerful antioxidant, it can resist the environmental pressure to reduce aging signs;  

2, To maintain a balanced body PH value;

3, To promote the digestion and absorption of important nutrients;

4, Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and maintain blood flow and prevent heart attacks and strokes;

5, Reduce the symptoms of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

1, Pharmaceutical(for curing diabetes mellitus)

2, Health food and food additive(Such as Brewing beer and whiskey)

Our Package:

1. Aluminum foil bag: Little quantity of extraction powder packaged in a plastic bag, and with aluminum foil bag outside.Regular 1kg-10kg per bag.

2. Cardboard drum: Bulk weight packaged in double plastic bag with a cardboard drum outside. Regular 25kg-28kg per drum.  

Our Service:

1. About shipping method: DHL / EMS / UPS / FedEx / TNT / Air Cargo. 
2. About payment method: T/T,Western Union,PayPal,Credit Card and Cash etc. 
3. About QC: All goods will be inspected before shipment. 
4. About OEM service: OEM orders are acceptable as your requirement. 

5. About delivery time: Normally, it will take 3 working days from China to destination country.

 1. New 3000m2 lab equipped with advanced instruments like GC, HPLC, GC/MS and HPLC/MS.

2. Halal/Kosher/FDA Certifications

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Xi'an Day Natural Inc

Address:F501 Gazelle Valley, Pioneering R&D Park, No.69 Jinye Road, Xi'an 710077, P.R.China
Tel:+86 29 6853 8705
Fax:+86 29 8834 6304
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